About Live-PA

The Future of Call Recording

Live-PA facilitates both recording of audio streams from Microsoft Lync to a managed storage, and access to a SharePoint portal for playback of call recordings. As a fully Microsoft Lync integrated product it represents the best of breed solution to any call recording and regulatory compliance needs and is available in both on-premise and hosted service versions.

About Live-PA Ltd

Live-PA Ltd was founded in 2008 with the specific goal of producing a call recording solution for Microsoft’s Office Communications Server.

Today there are currently Live-PA call recording solutions for Microsoft Lync server 2010, Microsoft OCS 2007 R2 and BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform in hosted and on-premise formats.

Based in Harrogate, UK and privately owned, Live-PA Ltd works on a global scale through a growing channel of specialist resellers who lead the field in Unified Communications and worldwide 24/7 via our Harrogate support centre.

We focus on a select group of partners such as Microsoft, Polycom and BroadSoft, this allows us to access the highest level of expertise and gives us the ability to release best of breed products. With an emphasis on regulatory compliance and with a unique approach to recording calls, Live-PA is ideally placed to help companies meet today’s stringent legal requirements.

If you have a call recording requirement and would like to find out more about how Live-PA can help email enquiries@live-pa.com or go to http://www.live-pa.com.

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